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Startups / Smaller retail chains:

While we work with several international and national brands such as Bata, Walmart, Future Group, Madura garments, Arvind Mills, Reebok, Adidas, KFC, Dominos , Pizza Hut, Aditya Birla Group , Reliance Retail etc we also work with smaller clients and even startups to identify suitable locations for them. Because International and national chains often have the most efficient means of identifying and securing the best locations, it can be difficult for smaller retailers to compete against them for brand-new space.


One way to do so though is with the help of an expert commercial real estate agent. They can help you outfox the larger chains by securing the best locations before they appear desirable to a major retailer.We understand that smaller companies / startups may not be able to afford even one bad location and hence work very closely with them in identifying suitable spaces for them. Because national chains are often the most credit-worthy renters, they're sometimes less willing to pay aggressive rental rates, and are more onerous about the language of the lease. Smaller chains can use this to their advantage when negotiating with landlords. If they can be flexible they may be able to squeeze into a space that's too restrictive for large national companies with rigid rules concerning what kind of leases they're willing to sign.

The bottom line is that money talks. Renters who enhance the value of a property's income stream make the most attractive tenants from a financial standpoint. In today’s market, it may be difficult to compete with high-profile, top-of-mind tenants. But even if you can't wrest a particular space from a national chain, don't overlook the strategic benefits of locating close to well-known stores.